Megan Rapinoe – not only football player

She has a successful football career behind her. Rapino has twice become the World Champion, won the Olympic Games and was recognized as the best football player on the planet and wears the captain’s armband of the US national team. Recognized as the best female player of the year by the International Football Federation (FIFA). She is the owner of the Ballon d’Or. This year she again takes part in the Olympic Games as part of the national team and who knows maybe this will be another gold in her piggy bank and another wave of bets on football.

But outside of the sport, Megan is famous for her social stance and loud statements. Fame as an athlete for Rapino only helps Megan in broadcasting her ideas.

The first really loud gesture on her part happened in 2019, when, after the victory of the national team at the World Cup, the whole team was invited to the White House for an award, but Rapino, dissatisfied with Donald Trump’s policies, refused to attend the meeting, calling the then US President “sexist and misogynist “.

Another important issue for Rapino is pay equality between men and women. The fact is that in the States, in many respects, the women’s team is not inferior in popularity to the men’s team, while payments from the federation in favor of men are much higher. A long-term dispute with the federation ended in a scandal, the apotheosis of which was the decision of the football players to enter the match with their uniforms turned inside out, in order to draw attention to the problem. The story ended with the resignation of the head of the federation.

Cooperation with Victoria Secret

Megan Rapino is noisy, active, sometimes uncompromising and harsh, but successful and truly loved by the audience, who is fascinated by her energy and charisma, which means she is suitable for the role of the new face of Victoria’s Secret. Who knows, perhaps this collaboration will make women’s football even more popular than it is now. Maybe people like Megan Rapino are controversial but they are determined to attract a lot of attention to their sport. 

How does this influence soccer betting in America?

After the victory of the women’s national football team at the World Cup, women’s football experienced a new wave of interest from the audience of those who bet. It is obvious that the popularity of this sport will only grow. Along with the growing popularity, the number of people who want to bet on this spectacular sport will also increase. Interest in women’s football betting has already increased so that in the near future we can expect a boom in the betting market. So if in the future you want to benefit from profitable bets, we suggest that you start taking an interest in women’s football right now.