Best football players in Europe

We know that many European stars end their careers in MSL. How about American stars who play for famous European clubs? Here is the list of most successful and the best American football players in Europe.

   Jermaine Jones

He was a player of such European clubs as Schalke, Eintracht Frankfurt, Bayer Leverkusen, Blackburn, Besiktas.

The defensive american midfielder spent most of his career in the Bundesliga and even played for the German national team – not only youth, but also adults. Nevertheless, he managed to change the national team to the American one and played almost 70 matches for it.

Jones has failed to win anything significant in his football club career, but he made history at Schalke thanks to his challenging personality. We all know that this kind of personality only adds excitement to those who place bets. First, he clashed with the “iron” Felix Magath, then fought in training with Klas-Jan Huntelaar, and finally simulated in the game against Augsburg in the spirit of Rivaldo. Not the best, but quite a long career in not the best, but not the  last Bundesliga football clubs.

Tim Howard

Was an american player of  Manchester United and Everton.

This American moved to England as the best goalkeeper in MLS and immediately put in the reserve the main goalkeeper of Manchester United Fabien Barthez. The fateful episode happened in the Champions League playoffs, when the American’s mistake in the last minute of the match led to a goal for Porto and the departure of Alex Ferguson’s team. After that, Howard lost his confidence in football and gave way to Roy Carroll at the gate. The next season, the situation repeated itself: Howard came in as the main one, but after a series of mistakes he became a backup.

For playing time, Howard went to Everton and stayed for 10 years. During this period, his main feats were accomplished. For example, a ball scored against Bolton is a direct kick from own goal. The author of the scored goal himself, however, was very ashamed of this and empathized with his colleague. Playing for the US team at the 2014 World Cup, Howard set a Guinness record for the most saves in a single match – 15 against Belgium.



Brad Friedel

He was a player of Brøndby, Galatasaray, Liverpool, Blackburn, Aston Villa, Tottenham.

From the very beginning of his professional football career, Friedel dreamed of playing in England, but his attempts to get successively in Nottingham Forest, Newcastle and Sunderland ended in failure – each time he did not receive a work visa. To begin with, I had to play in Denmark and Turkey, return to my homeland and, already in the status of the best MLS goalkeeper, get to Liverpool.

Friedel made a big name for himself at Blackburn, from where he got into the symbolic team of the best football players in the Premier League season, and also scored a goal. Unlike compatriot Howard, the Blackburn goalkeeper scored from a corner. Having retired, the American retained several football records. Firstly, no one in the history of the Premier League has entered the field so often in a row – 310 games without a gap. Secondly, he is simultaneously considered the oldest football player to play with Aston Villa (39 years and 259 days) and Tottenham (40 years). 



Claudio Reyna

Was a player of Bayer Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, Rangers, Sunderland, Manchester City. Argentine roots helped Reina become a star of student football, break into the national team and, after a successful performance at the home world football championship, leave for Germany. Reina’s leadership is evidenced by the fact that he became Wolfsburg captain at the age of 25, while on loan and not speaking German at his best.

American’s only club trophy has been at the Rangers, although in Scotland he has had to move from a central attacking midfielder to right-wing. Further wanderings in the UK were marred by frequent injuries, but Reina earned the respectful nickname “Captain America” ​​from the local media for wearing the captain’s armband on the national team.






Brian McBride

He was a player of such European clubs: Wolfsburg, Preston North End, Everton, Fulham. McBride’s first attempt to play in Europe turned out to be unsuccessful – Wolfsburg, who was in the second Bundesliga, happily presented playing time to American players, but the Illinois native did not have enough of it. The forward returned to the States and was drafted first on the eve of the MLS launch.

While playing for Columbus Crew, Brian McBride went on loan twice to David Moyes’ teams – first at Preston North End, then at Everton. Putting himself on the map of football in Great Britain, McBride subsequently moved to Fulham football club, where this american was twice named the best player of the season and, thanks to his fighting spirit, became a real idol of local fans. Fans often bet on Fulham to win in those days. The pub near the stadium was even renamed in honor of this American.




Clint Dempsey

Played for Fulham, Tottenham. The best footballer in the United States by ESPN, FOX Sports and NBC Sports. Unlike most of the representatives on our list, Dempsey did not go to clubs and countries. He just came to the Premier League and became a base player, and then captain of the London football club. At Fulham he started with two Americans- Brian McBride and Carlos Bocanegra. Like McBride, he was subsequently named the best american player of the football season twice.

In his best football season, 2011/12, Dempsey scored 17 goals in 37 Premier League games, and in his tenth year reached the Europa League final with the team.




Did this influence betting on soccer in America?

Actually, it did. American players who have played for European clubs have attracted a lot of attention especially in their home country. Which in turn led to an increase in the popularity of football in America as well as betting on it. Although most of the players on our list are already retired, they are engaged in the development of football in America, which will definitely lead to more popularity of this game and the number of bets on it.